Free Talk Live on Military Worship

This is from Saturday and Sunday nights - there was more on Monday but my free soundcloud account won't allow it ;-(

Scott Horton AntiWar Rant

Scott Horton rants on how we can't trust politicians to "keep us safe." From his show on 9/21/2012 - not safe for people that can't handle cognitive dissonance....

The Camden 28 Antiwar Activists - beat FBI charges (in 1971)

There was big news in the Free State recently when a person was found not guilty after the jury "nullified" the marijuana growing changes filed against him.  That is great but here is a story from 40 years ago that was the first jury nullification for the Viet Nam War antiwar movement.

Scott Horton Rants Against the Drug War

I really enjoyed this rant !


The Drug War Just Keeps Going

It has been a while since I have posted anything - and there has been lots going on.  I just have not heard much about the "drug war" even in the libertarian news I follow.  Below are some top stories in the news.  Nothing good.

US Military Intervening in Guatemala Drug War by Bob Morris at IVN.US


InfoGraphic of Pakistan Drone Attacks

I can't find the orginal source but this is very impressive work: Drone Attack Infographic




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